Nike x Corteiz New Tour Yellow Colourway

Nike x Corteiz New Tour Yellow Colourway

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 Nike Air Max 95 x Corteiz 

Nike Air Max 95 x Corteiz 'Tour Yellow' – a modern twist on a timeless favorite. This version blends the iconic Air Max 95 design with contemporary elements, creating a striking and distinctive appearance.


Drawing inspiration from past iterations of the Air Max 95, the 'Tour Yellow' edition features a sleek all-black upper that serves as the perfect canvas for the vibrant pops of yellow found throughout the shoe. From the iconic Air bubbles to the bold Corteiz branding on the tongue, heel, and toe box, every detail is meticulously crafted to make a statement.

But the design doesn't stop there. True to Corteiz's innovative spirit, the sneaker incorporates modern elements that set it apart from its predecessors. The diamond netting design on the upper adds a contemporary twist, offering a fresh take on a classic silhouette. Meanwhile, the toggle lacing system not only enhances the shoe's functionality but also adds an element of visual interest that catches the eye.

While sneakerheads eagerly await the official release date, which is speculated to be toward the end of 2024, anticipation continues to build. For fans of the Air Max 95, this collaboration represents a must-have addition to their collection, offering a unique blend of heritage and innovation that's sure to turn heads.