All products are authentic and sourced via UK third party sellers. 

*We are not affiliated, associated or in any way officially connected with any brands. All products are authentic and sourced via third party sellers. No items sold are directly purchased from the first party seller.

If you have items that you would like to sell to Munna Fashion, the first step is to contact us through our email address, When emailing, please include the header 'SOURCED' in the subject line to ensure that your email is directed to the right department.

It is important to note that Munna-Fashion has strict requirements for the items we purchase. We only accept products that are unworn and still in their original packaging. You must also provide proof of purchase, which can be in the form of a receipt, invoice, or packing slip. This is to ensure that the items are genuine and have not been previously used.

Once you have contacted us with your items, we will review them and provide you with a quote for purchase. If you agree with the quote, you can then ship the items to us using a trusted courier service with tracked shipping. We will cover the shipping costs, and upon receiving the items, we will inspect them to ensure they meet the required standards.

After the inspection, we will issue an payment for the items. The payment will be based on the agreed-upon quote, and you will receive it through a secure payment method.

To get started, simply contact us via our email address,, and follow the requirements outlined above. With Munna-Fashion commitment to quality, you can be assured that your items will be inspected thoroughly and that you will receive a fair price for your products.